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Re-Think Opportunity.

100% commission, build your own site

We Help You Build Agent Websites

Websites to Meet All Your Needs

Why stop at just one real estate agent website? We let you build as many sites as you need to make your business successful. Not only do you keep 100% of your commission, Realtors who work with Premier Realty Associates are empowered with technology that enables growth.

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Cutting Edge Technologies

Cutting Edge Technology

Technology to Move You Forward

We provide innovative tools to help make you a success. Enjoy access to all of our agent solutions from any computer, anywhere and anytime. We can help you market your services using technology, and keep you in contact with your clients. Premier Realty Associates is leading the industry in online and tech savvy real estate!

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No Monthly or Franchise Fees

No Monthly or Franchise Fees

Why Pay Monthly Fees?

There's nothing worse than a fee that pulls from your bank account over, and over, and over. With Premier Realty Associates, you never pay monthly or franchise fees. Keep your hard earned money, and focus on what really matters.

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Low Fees

Flat-Rate, Low Transaction Fee

Tired of Unpredictable Fees?

You're laser-focused on selling real estate. Then, your national franchise hits you with every fee they can think up. Are you tried of paying fees, just to keep your license with a broker that doesn't really understand business in a modern, Internet-connected world?

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Supporting Self-Directed Agents

Keep 100% of Your Commission

In the Past, Agents Split Their Commissions

The world is changing. In the past, real estate agents would keep their license with one of the very few big-box brokers—and they would pay for it. A typical national franchise charges fees of all types, and takes a commission split as well. In an increasingly digital world, there's no reason for agents to give up their hard earned commissions.

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